Satyanarayan Pooja :

The newly wed couple performs Satyanarayan Pooja. This is of course done in the groom's home after which they start their new life as man and wife.



Tikhati Mejwani

A non-veg feast is organised for the close relatives within a day or two. Typically, the main dish is mutton-vade or mutton biryani and the liquor may be served before the food. In olden days, even women used to sip liquor from small silver bowls and was funnily called nathi vakdya karane i.e. to take aside nose rings to facilitate the sips.



Bhanosa :


Rice, mixed with a little kumkum, is spread in a circular manner on a paat.On this two vessels (तांबे) are placed one over the other. Some ornament, usually gold ear-rings, are kept in one of the vessels. A spoon (पळी) is kept on the top vessel. The couple is asked to take out the ornament from the vessel with the spoon gently without making noise. If they manage to do that without making noise, the bride is considered to be of a quiet nature. The ornament is given to the bride. The couple gives sugar to all present and they have to take names in verses several times.




Halad Utaravane :

Next day morning, five suvasinis do the same as halad chadhavane but in reverse order. This is to signify that now the couple is free to go out. The groom mother unties kankan - halkund tied on the couple's hand.


Grihapravesh :

The couple comes to the doorstep and the groom's mother does arati of the couple. The groom's sister blocks their way at the entrance and asks for their consent to get their daughter married to her son. After that she allows them inside. The bride topples map - a measuring vessel - filled with rice. It signifies that this bride - a Lakshmi - will bring so much luck that prosperity will flow in the house like the rice flowing out of the toppled vessel. A white sheet is spread in front of the couple and the bride dips her feet in a thali filled with a watery kumkum paste and places it on the sheet. These are considered Lakshmi's steps.

The couple sits and the groom places the silver idol of Parvati that he carried and places it in a plate of rice and writes the bride's new name. The groom's mother does oti bharane of the bride. The groom's mother sits between the couple and sees the bride's face in the mirror - this is called soonmukh baghane.


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