Gaurihar Puja

The bride attired in a yellow sari (Ashtaputali) given by her maternal uncle (Mama), with shela on top and mundavalya (decorative strings of pearls, beads, flowers) tied on the forehead apart from other jewellery is ready to get married. She sits on a paat in her room and in front of her, a silver idol of Parvati is placed on a heap of rice on another pat. She keeps on taking some rice with both her hands and puts atop the idol while praying the Goddess Annapurna. At this moment, the bride is not supposed to talk and instead needs to concentrate on her prayers. Mantra recited by bride "गौरी गौरी आयतण दे, दारी आलेल्या पाहुण्याला दीर्घायुष्य दे ".



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