Before going on a shopping spree, the elders from the family go to the Ganapati temple. They keep betel leaf, coconut and pedhe in front of the Ganapati and pray that the wedding takes place without any hinderance (Nirvighna) . The first purchase is done of “Haldi & Kumkum”.


The bride’s side prepares for “Rukhawat” (an exhibition of gift articles, decorative pieces, handicrafts, eatables such as five types of dry fruits, laddoos, Kanoles, Morambas, other sweets etc. Actually, this is to convey the bride’s various skills though it goes without saying that anyone can contribute to this.




For our "Rukhwat Package" please refer to "Our Packages" section.




Shopping done by bride’s side :


1. For Bride (as agreed by both sides) : Jewellery, Sarees including yellow saree and one to be worn during Varat and dresses are purchased.

2. For Groom : Shirt, Suit, Shoes, Cosmetics Pack, Pearl Strings (मुंडावळ्या) & Cap (टोपी).

3. For Groom’s mother, often called “तोंड धुणे व विहिणीचा मान.- Saree and Saubhagya Alankar.

4. For Groom’s Father : व्याही भेट : Usually, a Silver Glass.

5. For Groom’s Sister : Saree or Dress.


Shopping done by Groom’s Side :


1. For Bride : Sarees and Dresses (5 in number including one green Saree and one Reception Saree), Jewllery as agreed by both sides, Cosmetics Pack, Sandals, Mangalsutra, Muhurt Mani, Pearl Mangalsutra, Saubhagyalankar.

2. For Karavali : Saree or Dress.

3. For Bride’s Mother : Saree.

4. For Bride’s father : Silver Glass or Shirt, Trouser Cloth.

5. For Bride’s Brother : Shirt, Trouser Cloth, Cash for Ear-twisting.


Return Gifts to be given to other close relatives : As agreed or as desired.



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