ENGAGEMENT (Sakharpuda) :


Saakharpudaa literally means a packet of Sugar (Sweets) which is given to each other by the bride and groom as a token of consent to remain steadfast and have progeny. Traditionally, this ceremony is conducted at the bride’s place and attended by a chosen few guests from both sides. Nowadays, however, it is organised on large scale in a suitable hall.


First the bride, her parents and Karavali i.e. bride’s sister are made to sit on a Paat (Wooden Board) or chairs. The bridegroom’s mother applies haldi-kunku and gives a saree and blouse to the bride into which she is supposed to change before further rituals. Gifts, mostly saree and dress, are given to the bride’s mother and karavali and Oti Bharane done by the groom’s mother. The groom’s father gives a gift and coconut to the bride’s father. The bride changes into the saree given to her. Thereafter the groom ‘s mother does Oti Bharane and gives Saakharpudaa (a cone shaped decorative packet filled with pedhe). Nowadays, baskets, other decorative trays, filled with pedhes, are used.


This means that the bridegroom’s side gives their word first to the bride’s side that they have accepted the alliance. Similarly, to give the consent in return, the bride’s mother invites the bridegroom, his parents and his sister – the Karavali. She applies Kumkum Tilak to the groom & his father and Haldi Kumkum to the groom’s mother and Karavali. She gives Shirt, Trouser piece and Sakharpuda to the groom. Bride’s father gives flower bouquet to the groom. Gifts to the grooms parents and Karavali are given likewise the bride’s parents.


After this ceremony, the bridegroom puts a ring on the bride’s ring finger – Anamika – of the left hand. The same process is repeated by the bride. The engaged couple meets the guests and pays respects to elders by touching their feet and doing Namaskaar. Guests are given Pedhe and refreshments or a full meal.


This ceremony signifies the agreement of alliance witnessed by the relatives and friends.


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