CKP (Chandraseniya Kayasth Prabhu) is a small community coming from Maharashtra but now spread all over the world. CKP Wedding Planner is basically a Marathi Wedding Planner. This venture is a humble effort to provide a One-Stop-Solution to the requirements of a perfect CKP Wedding.


खास सीकेपी विवाह नियोजक

सीकेपी (चांद्रसेनीय कायस्थ प्रभु) ही महाराष्ट्रातील एक छोटीशी ज्ञाती आहे. ती जगभर विखुरलेली आहे. परिपूर्ण सीकेपी लग्नसोहोळ्यासाठी लागणाऱ्या साऱ्या वस्तु व सुविधा एका छत्राखाली पुरविण्याचा हा एक प्रयत्न आहे.


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The CKP WEDDING PLANNER is created and managed by MANISHA PRADHAN.



Manisha, recipient of Woman Entrepreneur Award 2004, is engaged in this field from 1998. She has been conducting the business of flower decoration using imported artificial flowers under the business name WARM WISHES. She has executed over 1000 contracts of Salad Counter Decorations weddings.

Manisha has developed exclusive customized packages of the gift articles to be given to bride / groom / Vihin (bridegroom's mother), Engagement package, Marriage Rukhwat package, Gruhapravesh Package for typical CKP weddings.

WARM WISHES has tied up with reputed Associate Partners providing various wedding services such as Matrimony, Catering, Decoration, Photography, Car Decoration, Mehendi, Travels (Honeymoon Packages) etc.


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www.CKPWeddingPlanner.com is a venture of M/s. WARM WISHES.


The user of this website is bound by the TERMS & CONDITIONS listed below. Hence users are required to read the same before using any service offered through this website. WARM WISHES reserves the rights to amend, alter and / or add to these Terms & Conditions at any time and the revised Terms & Conditions will be applicable to the old users also.







1. Products displayed on the website will be delivered to the customers only against full payment.

2. Presently, all the products will be available at our delivery centres in Mumbai and Pune only. We will soon expand our delivery network to other cities. However, we can dispatch all non-perishable products by courier to your address on payment of the delivery charges which will be advised on case to case basis since they may vary for each product and the destination.

3. WARM WISHES makes every effort to supply every product shown on the website as it is or as close to it as displayed on the website. However, if a certain product is out of stock, we may not be able to supply it in given time frame. Under such circumstances, we will offer a similar product at suitable price. Customer will be given an option to accept or reject the offer. If customer chooses to accept the offer, the product will be supplied on give / take of the price difference. In case the customer rejects the offer, full amount received, if any, shall be refunded within 7 days without interest.




4. Customers will have to register their names with us for “Free Listing” as well as “Premium Listing” categories and disclose their proper identity.

5. The minimum age for registration is 18 years for brides and 21 years for grooms. It is the responsibility of those registering brides / grooms to ensure that the bride / groom meets this minimum age requirement.

6. The registering person should also be legally capable of entering into a contract and THUS accepting the Terms and Conditions of the contract.

7. Mere submission of the data of bride / groom will not constitute registration but the registration process will be complete only after due acceptance of the data by us along with the payment wherever applicable.

8. When registration is done by submitting data and / or photograph in hard format, the relevant form, whether downloaded from our website or procured from us, must be properly signed by the registering person. Once such person signs the registration form, it will be assumed that he / she has been duly authorised to submit the data / photograph of bride / groom.

9. When registration is done by submitting data and / or photograph by email in soft format, the registration form will be deemed to have been signed by the registering person. It will be assumed that the registering person is duly authorised to submit the data and / or photograph of bride / groom and has submitted the same after reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions governing the registration.

10. Notwithstanding whether the registration is done in hard format or electronically our communication with the users will be mostly in electronic mode either by emails or by posting notices / intimations on the website. Any legal requirements of communicating with the users in writing will be deemed to have been fulfilled by such electronic communications.

11. The data made available on our website is necessarily the data provided by the registering person. The accuracy of the data is not the responsibility of WARM WISHES. Any disputes in regard to such accuracy or any other issues must be settled by the respective users amongst themselves. WARM WISHES is not involved in the process of match making but only making available the data provided by the users.

12. Posting or providing for posting photographs on the website is optional and users shall post such photographs at their own risk since WARM WISHES or their web service provider has no control over protecting privacy of the photographs. We also have no control over misuse of the contents of the profile displayed on the website and the user is deemed to have agreed to post the data on the website at his / her sole risk.

13. All the data of brides and grooms provided on the website are for the use of registered users only. Registered users are allowed limited license to make use of the data for their own purpose and not for commercial use. Users, whether registered or otherwise, are not licensed to download and reproduce any portion of the website.

14. The membership acquired by registration with us shall be strictly personal and cannot be shared with or transferred to anyone. The validity of such membership may be for a limited period as defined by the terms and conditions in force from time to time. The membership will be terminated on WARM WISHES having discharged all the obligations agreed upon by them. WARM WISHES reserve the rights to terminate the membership prematurely, if the registered member or his agents breach any of the terms and conditions governing the membership. If a member chooses to cancel his membership prematurely, no refund will be given to him.

15. Where a member is allotted access to the website for adding / editing data and / or photograph, it will be his / her sole responsibility to protect the user ID and password. In such cases, the member is not allowed to add his / her contact details such as address, phone numbers, email IDs etc. Breach of this requirement may lead to cancellation of membership and no refund will be given under such cancellation.

16. All the promotional “Free Listing” on the website is temporary and valid only as long as such “Free Listing” promotional offers are in force. If the offe is withdrawn, members have either to opt for an available and suitable “Paid Listing” or discontinue the listing.

17. Once the alliance is materialized, the Member shall remove the contents from the website or instruct us to do so. If it is observed that the contents are not removed even after alliance is materialized, WARM WISHES shall have every right to remove the contents.




18. WARM WISHES takes all possible care to verify and ascertain the bona-fides of the Affiliate Service Providers (ASP) recommended on the website. However, when the users use the services of any of the ASPs directly, they will do so at their own discretion and risk. WARM WISHES will not be responsible for any disputes arising out of such direct transactions since we are not a party to the deal. On the other hand we will also not be responsible to the ASPs if the users approaching them by using contact info on the website create any disputes in business transactions. Both the parties must use normal wisdom in dealing with each other as if they have contacted each other independently.


By signing up, signing in, searching, uploading contents, using contents on the website, registering with us and / or dealing in any way connected with the website www.CKPWeddingPlanner.com and / or any services rendered by M/s. WARM WISHES or their Affiliate Service Providers, you agree to be bound by these terms and Conditions and / or the revised version(s) thereof.



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